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Out of memory - locking up:( ?

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  • Out of memory - locking up:( ?

    Help! Scrapbook max has been locking up on me. I had 2 awesome pages done and I lost them. I did the page again and tried to save it by clicking on the save icon. It said out of memory and locked up again. I thought maybe I had too many projects saved in the program (about 15) so I saved them to a flash drive and deleted them from scrapbook max. It still locked up on me after I had the page done of course (it said out of memory again), when I clicked on the save icon. I only have about 4 projects in scrapbook max with 1 page each, except the one that is causing problems - that one has 5 pages.


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    Check the page size and dpi settings, maybe they are so big it's using all your memory.


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      I have them set the same as I always have them but usually it works and now it doesn't. All of other programs are working normally and I have plenty of memory on my computer.


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        Hmmmmm......SBM you are needed!
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