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Shutterfly Photo Books-- New Option

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  • Shutterfly Photo Books-- New Option

    Shutterfly now has a new "upload digital scrapbook" option on their photo books. You can print a 12X12, 20 page book for around $55. You can even design pages for the front and back covers and the spine. Here's my question about it-- they have templates to download so that you are sure to leave the important elements on a page within the "visible" section of the page-- due to binding, etc. Unfortunately, these are in photoshop format. Is there any other was I can get to them (don't have photoshop)? Or, can I somehow get a ruler to pop up on scrapbook max so that I can tell if my pages are going to be cut off or not (the site also lists the measurements)? Anyhow, this sounds really cool. I can't wait to print my first book --Katie

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    There is a ruler in scrapbookMax, go to the toolbar and go to "view" and select "ruler"
    Hope this helps.