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  • 4x6 Brag Books

    I was wondering how you all present your 4x6 brag books. Do you put them in a little photo album or do you bind them yourself? I would like to start making these books but I'm not sure how to put it all together.


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    I know Julie Clark has said she puts them into little Photo Albums that are sized 4x6. I personally have not printed any yet.


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      At Dollar Stores I have found neat little accordian albums that ties at the top and have just used those. In a world that had 48 hours in a day instead of 24, I would buy books that I could decorate with fabric and ribbons, etc and make neat books like that. But I just so not have the time for that!!!!

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        I found oodles of little 4x6 albums at Michaels. I just slipped a photo inside the plastic to make a better cover. I think they're $.99! They make really neat theme albums - I just did one using photos from a little day trip we took. I actually uploaded the 4x6 layouts to Shutterfly and had them printed on matte photo paper. They did a great job and since the size is standard they cost exactly what a normal print would cost!!


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          Thanks everybody!