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  • Very Uneasy about this site

    Hi. I have been uneasy about this site since I purchased the software yesterday. While buying it, I got a request for the password to my bank account. This raised HUGE red flags and I had trouble sleeping. At no time, should you give out this anyone. Then I started to think about the forum here. There is only a handful of people really replying to all the threads. It seems the people running the show are men which is rare for scrapbooking. And its men mostly who run scams. And the site/software is new. Have I been scammed??

    I found this site from someone who posted at the DIY site. I'd better go there and post a warning. How long have you all been here?

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    OH NO NO NO.............. This site is GENUINE.

    I've been a member now since last summer & I just LOVE it. Not everyone here is technically minded but I've always had answers to my quesions & problems. Somtimes not RIGHT AWAY (I live in the UK) and when I'm awake others are asleep on the other side of the world!!!

    The 'bank' problem must be something else & not related to SBM

    Please stick with it and I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.....



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      Mary, no, it wasn't my bank asking for this information. It was SBM as part of the purchase process. That's why I'm concerned. A legitimate business wouldn't be trying to get this information.

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        This site is very genuine. There are men who post here, Steve who is a designer and has products in the store. Click on booster at the top and you will see. Bobby Bear who hasnt been aroun lately, Poppabob who does fantastic stuff. Kev who has just started posting and has just joined and Paperman who has just joined. If you go to the members tab and click on it you can check out everyones profile. The site has just celebrated its first birthday. Oh Desmond of course, he belongs to Scrapbook Max and will help you out from the their end. This is one of the best sites going and you will get loads of support and questions answered almost immediatel
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          Can't imagine this site asking you for the password to your bank account. I've been here since approx. June of 2006 and did not have that problem when I purchased. I used a credit card.

          This could happen though if you use a debit card instead of a credit card. Believe it is indirectly a bank request. It's probably the same as if you went to a store and used a debit card. You always have to input your password there.

          This is a great site with terrific people - men and women. Hope you stick around and enjoy being here. Everyone is very generous and helpful.

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            If I am wrong, then I apologize. I had a very uneasy night. I hope I am wrong, because I've purchased the software and looking forward to using it. When I refused to enter the requested information, the purchase went through without it. So why ask for it, if it wasn't needed? It smelled like 'phishing' to me. Yes, it was a debit card. It is the one I use for all my on-line purchases. I have never gotten that screen before asking me for my password. Before I retired, I was an investigative auditor. I put people in jail sometimes. And my past experiences with the criminal side of people make me a suspicious Hopefully, everything is okay. Still jittery here, but I'm going to continue with the forum in case I'm wrong.

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              I suggest that before you spread any rumors about Scrapbook MAX, it's products, the forum and it's members, please consider this:

              1. It is possible that you have some kind of trojan/worm/virus that was obtained from another website/location. This happens much more than anyone could ever imagine.

              2. Any legitimate product will NEVER EVER ask you for an bank account password

              3. Scrapbook MAX! has been around well over a year now, the parent company "Indigo Rose" has been around for at least 10 years and they several other products for sale. They've been doing it for a while.

              4. Desmond and the crew at Scrapbook MAX!/Indigo Rose are some of the nicest people you'll ever get a chance to work with.

              Verleen, I would suggest you contact Desmond and he may be able to give you some alternatives to using your debit card to purchase SBM.

              P.S. Not ALL men are bad or scammers.... and yes, some us of do scrapbook.
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                Hello Verleen,

                My name is Karin and I am a Moderator on these forums and Co-Editor of The Groove, Scrapbook MAX!'s monthly newsletter. I can assure you that Scrapbook MAX! would not request your bank password/pin under any circumstances. I urge you to send us a message detailing the contents of this request so that we can investigate it. Once again, we would not request your personal bank password, so you are right to ignore such a request.

                A bit of background information about Scrapbook MAX! - we've just celebrated our "one year birthday" for the program. Scrapbbok MAX! was originally released on February 14, 2006. Since then, thousands of people from around the world have purchased the software and many of them are regular visitors to these forums on a daily basis. Our software design team consists of men and women, as does our membership on these forums.

                Scrapbook MAX! is produced by Indigo Rose Software Corporation, which has been creating software since 1991. We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You can read about Indigo Rose at its site,

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                  No one else needs to reply. I have a message out to the moderators about this. And S.Russell and all other men, hold your guns. I did not intend to slight you. It is a sad industry fact that men commit most of these type of crimes and very few men do scrapbooking, right? I certainly didn't imply that all men do this, nor that no men do scrapbooking. I think it is wonderful to see guys doing this. I wasn't spreading any rumors either. What happened was real! So please, loosen your suspenders and enjoy scrapbooking.

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                    Oh Goodness...


                    I agree with Steve and Karen, do contact Desmond and tell him what happened. I'm sure it's some kind of spam or virus but not SBM. I have never heard anyone say or complain about such a problem before.

                    I work for a school district in El Paso, TX. Our district is one of the largest in the state. Yesday, I received an email at work that said that even with the best and most advanced filters on our schools site, we too are have spam come through to our site. They went on to say that even with the most advance filters, they can only keep 90% OUT. Apparently we have had some attempts by hackers etc to invade the school district computers. The email was to alert us and advise us how to report it.

                    I have been around here since end of April 2006 and joined the forum in May. I am so thrilled with this site and the product. As for our members, we have many that posts and many who just read and enjoy. I do hope you will hang in there and check us out. Our group is very close, caring, and supportive. We have gotten to know one another on a personal side and consider outself to be one BIG FAMILY that stretches around the world. We laugh together and we cry together. As for the men, they are really out numbered by the lady's on here and we truly appreciate them and all their contributions to SBM. Believe me, this is the safest community on the web.

                    The only major problems we have experienced around here are GROWING PAINS. This site and software has become so popular that I believe it's grown faster than SBM had even dreamed of. They work very hard to always fix any technical problems and introduce more features. In fact, they tend to baby us (shhhhhhh don't tell them I said that).

                    We will be looking forward to seeing your layouts and want to encourage you to jump in and get involved with the challenges and everything SBM has to offer on this site.

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                      Varleen glad to have you as a part of the SBM Family..this is a great program..the only thing you have to worry about here is your addiction...believe me you will have one in a few days... We do have people who have bought the program and NEVER participate in any part of the site..they just use the program..but half the fun of SBM is becoming a part of it...the folks you find here are just friends you havent met yet...soooo just make sure you have a nice comfy chair..join in the fun in the forums...and be sure to post your work in the gallery...looking forward to getting to know you better...Happy Scrapping !!
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                        Verleen, I know you said no one else need reply but thought I would add my two cents as well. I would be one of the regulars that you mentioned . I am retired from a municipal court and worked in the criminal branch of the court as a supervisor. I can assure you this is a legit site and you can feel safe being here. Everyone here is very friendly and we all look forward to seeing your work.


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                          Hi Verleen, again I know you said not to reply anymore to this post but I believe we need to. Not only to get the idea that SBM is doing everything that they can about this situation but also to help others if they have this problem.
                          To let others know how and why this can occur.
                          To let others know that if this does happen to them that they need to do exactly what you did and NOT ENTER any passwords asked for. Some do not realize that this information will NOT BE ASKED FOR and its very important to get this across. SO please keep this thread updated so we may all be better informed about situations like this.

                          I'm sorry this happened to you and along with everyone else I will add that this program and this site is not a scam, the people who make this site are the members, without us I doubt it would be here.
                          Sue xx

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                          Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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                            To be clear, we do not ask for your bank PIN number when placing your order online. Perhaps you are thinking of the CCV number on the back of your credit card? That's standard for all online purchases and is used by Visa/Mastercard/Amex for your own protection. In fact, we don't store or even receive your credit card information. It's all passed in realtime to the bank for processing. It's all very secure.
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                              I know you said - no more replys to your post, but I just had to add that this program and site is where I learned to digi-scrap. I'd never done it before. I'd guess you have some spyware problem because SBM! would never ask for that info. You are so smart to recognize it right away! Do you have Spybot and Spyware Blaster - it doesn't hurt to run them once a week.

                              Please don't have any more sleepless nights about this site! It's wonderful!