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Before things get out of hand......

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  • Before things get out of hand......

    I've been practicing and practicing......and now I have lots of useless albums with only one page in them. How can I move these pages to an album I created called, Practice Album?

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    There is a WONDERFUL feature called IMPORT UNDER THE PAGE tab at the top of your tool bar..When you click on that all the pages in other albums show up and you just click to import to the current one..Then you can go back to the old albums and DELETE..but you can ONLY DELETE one page albums from the FRONT HOme page that starts with the program..You choose OPEN SAVED album..WHen the selection for them all shows up..THEN you can right click and delete any and all albums you wish!! Good LUCK And HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!

    NOTE: When you are IN a one page will refuse to let you delete it..You gotta be an outsider looking in to delete.

    Also note...I'm talking about the PAGE tab and the left and not the ADD A PAGE visual on the bar...hope I don't confuse you there..
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      Thank you Artisticwonder. I got them all cleaned up.

      Jormanoy, Mswizard mom7911 are my buddies


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        That is just so cool. I did not know you could do that thank you so much.

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