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    Hi everyone. I would like to thank everyone for their generous input and sharing of ideas. I have been scrapbking for a couple months and would like to get some input. What scrapbook page size do you like best when printed? I am getting ready to print my first pages but am deciding on what size~8X8, 8 1/2 X11 or 12X12? I am concerned the 8X8 may not print big enough for the pictures and everything to look good. I had bought a couple 12X12 albums, but sometimes they look like that the pages are going to be huge. It is hard to store an album even this big. I was even thinking of putting together an album with some paper things in it also because I want my children to be able to touch some of the things instead of scanning them. Hope that makes sense. So some things that would be paper scrapped are the size of 8 1/2 by 11. Thanks for the help and your ideas! Have a great day!

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    Hi there,
    Personally, I have only had mine printed in 8x8 size. they have turned out fine, though I have noticed that sometimes journaling over a darkish background might look ok on the pc screen, but when printed out has been difficult to actually read! The photos are generally big enough to look good, but I tend to make them quite large and the focus of the page anyway.
    It's a lot cheaper having them printed 8x8 than going for 12x12 too, which is a consideration if you have a lot of pages!



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      I print most of my work myself so I tend to use mainly 8" x 8" or 10" x 8" which print nicely on A4 paper.


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        I'm new to digital, but here are my experiences with paper. I had always used the 12 x 12s. Last year I made a scrapbook for each of my grandchildren on 8 x 8. They really looked great. I think, for me, the 8 x8s do very well on a limited theme book. My two albums were of their lives in the year 2006. I would use an 8 x 8 to do a "Christmas Past" album for my daughter of each year since her children were born. Maybe include their list for Santa or what they got, along with the pictures. I think I would like a 12 x 12 for such things as weddings and big events that have lots of pictures, such as vacations. Perhaps they would do better on albums where you may do a lot of journaling of stories, such as a heritage album. I'm really big on journaling. Its a way of preserving family history, long after you really forget the details. I need to find a way of including my own handwritten journal into some of the pages. I know how much it means to see my mother's handwriting on such things as recipe cards. I believe it will be special for my children and grandchildren to see my handwriting, long after I'm gone.

        As for 8 1/2 x 11 size, I'm still pondering that myself. I printed out some pages and I just don't like the look. They don't have a balanced look that a square page has. I haven't done any 8 x 10 samples yet. I wondering if its because I'm so use to square pages.

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