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Couple of ?s on "digital scrapbook" terms

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  • Couple of ?s on "digital scrapbook" terms

    Hi everyone ... I really feel silly for asking these questions but I have seen the terms "scraplifting" and "white space" used a lot on this site and other sites ... can anyone tell me what these 2 terms mean?


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    Hi Cali,

    Your layouts are so beautiful so you already know about white space and don't realize it!! White space is space you leave empty (without pics or embies or anything) - it is the background color, so not necessarily white - just empty. It rests the eye for the viewer.

    Scraplifting or "cropying" is liking someone's layout and copying the basic design for your own layout with your own pictures. It's nice to mention that you have scraplifted the design and who from.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thank you for answering these .. I just was curious because I had no idea what these meant .. and know I do. I see so many amazing layouts .... and sometimes I do copy some of my favorites to a folder so I can recreate similar layouts - so I've been scraplifting all along : )


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        And scraplifting very, very well!!!


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          I noticed that in this thread someone mentioned that they save pictures from the gallery so they can have something to look at when creating their own templete, can you tell me how to go about doing this. Thanks.


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            Hi Courtney,

            If you mean layouts in the gallery - click on the one you like - it will enlarge - at the bottom of the layout are options - one of them is "print view". Click on this and you can print out a copy!

            Hope I got your question right.

            If you mean thumbnails (small pics) in the forum: click on the thumbnail - it will enlarge in another screen - right click on the picture and there will be an open "Save As". You can save it in My Pictures or any file you want.

            Hope this helps!