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    Question?? When I open SBM is there a way I can put single pages of templetes together if they should be, for example, I have some temepletes that need to be together, say 5 pages within the same one, and each page is seperate, can I combine them so they all show up under the one theme?

    Also, when I save a templete to a folder in my documents that I created for downloading SMB stuff it automatically goes into SBM, is that how its suppose to do? more, once I recieve the CD and install it will those templetes etc go right into my SBM program? Do these templetes take a lot of space on the computer? This is the first program I have had that I actually download stuff to my computer for. Once I create a scrapbook will it always stay in the open an scrapbook page or can I move it?

    Thanks so much for the help, this is a wonderful site and everyone has been so helpful, I love it!!!

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    Courtney, I'm new here and only using the trial version until my CD gets here. And so, not the best one to answer. For the first question, I downloaded a number of football related templates. Then I created an album called, "Football" and moved them into it. If there is a better way, I'd like to know too.

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      Hi Courtney and welcome!

      I think I can answer some of your questions:

      - If you want to create a single scrapbook in Scrapbook MAX! with various pages from other scrapbooks you've made, click on Page and then choose Import in the menu (Page > Import). You can then choose the scrapbook from which you want to copy a page, find the exact page you want, and choose OK. It will be "imported" or added it into your current scrapbook.

      - If you want to combine pages from the various templates that come with Scrapbook MAX! (or pages from templates that you've added to your available templates), simply choose Page > Add. Scroll through the template pages in the dialog box that comes up, click on the page you want, and choose OK. (To delete pages in a scrapbook, right click on its page tab at the top of the design space, and choose Remove - just make sure this is what you want to do before clicking on Remove.)

      - When you install the content that comes on the CD, it will be automatically added to SBM. The big thing here is to remember to install both the software, and then go back and choose to install the content pack. (This should make sense when you get the CD - just remember that it takes two steps: if you only install the software, you will not have access to the content)

      - When you download Scrapbook MAX! content from this site (like embellishments and templates - content that have file extensions like .smt or smb) and choose "open", , they will automatically be installed to SBM.

      I've said a lot here but I'm not sure I've covered everything or given you all the info you need- let us know if you want more info!

      By the way, a helpful resource that covers most of the questions you asked, but in more detail and with helpful screeshots is available in the User's Guide. Read it by choosing Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide or going to (to read it online).

      Have fun!


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        thank u

        I think I can sort through this material, I will check on it when I get home and back on my computer with SMB, thanks for all the helpful information.