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    I posted a message in the NSBR forum in the thread Prayers fo Mary Ann but I think it may be missed in such a long thread.
    I haven't been a member long enough to get to know Mary Ann but a couple of days ago I downloaded her beautiful roses. I've made a page with a stained glass effect and one of Mary Ann's roses. I would like to share this page with any members who would like it but I don't how to load it into the forum so that members can download it.
    Would some kind person help.
    Sorry if I sound stupid but remember I'm a newbie.

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    That would be WONDERFUL KEV...

    Here's the procedure for uploading to the GALLERY..

    Go to your template desired for sure in this album with your other pages exist..UNLESS you don't mind their pictures being taken too..Remember your page TITLE in that case...GO to FILE on toolbar..scroll eyes down to then IMAGES...TWO CHOICES to make here are CRITICAL..SIZE..MEDIUM..High the published window will pop up showing you now have this template in the published folder with the NAME of the ALBUM you gave.

    Now..close up shop or minimize SBM..COME to site SBM..GALLERY..Click on top tool bar..MY PHOTOS..You need to CREATE a NEW ALBUM for parking your upload..Click on CREATE new ALBUM..NAME the ALBUM..CARDS?maybe..Describe the album..for get well, birthday templates?? and where it say DO YOU WANT TO MAKE album private...NO.........note..YES would allow you to UPLOAD pictures to THAT album without being seen by the GALLERY..and only you have link to it to give out to the choice people you want to see the album...

    Now..Click on your NEW ALBUM...go to UPPER RIGHT corner and click on UPLOAD pictures...Mid section you have a row of BROWSE browse button..CLICK on it..Go to My DOCUMENTS>SBM>PUBLISHED FILES..Look for your right hand thumbnails from box so you can view the page again..Gently rest your mouse over the picture to see what size it is..if over 244kb..bigger than will not upload to gallery. Must be smaller.. It should be with MEDIUM feature selected when you PUBLISHED. CLICK on template.....NOT will Pop into the bROWSE go down to line where it asks for name or description of item..Get Well MaryANn....

    Then click OK..or SUBMIT at bottom..Another page comes up..and once again..type..Get Well MaryAnn in description bar and see if the picture is looking OK..SUBMIT..and now look in GALLERY..and there it is...GIVE THAT A GO..

    To print this post..simply go up to top blue bar on post and where you see the NUMBER click on it and it will isolate itself for easy printing..

    Sure hope this is helpful to you..would love to see your CARD!!!


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      Thanks for info.
      It is not a card, just one page that people could use as a back ground to their creations. Could I just treat it as a template and load it into the templates forum?