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    Ya, it's essentially reading the contents of the 'Templates' and 'Images' folders, and then doing a direct copy. So you should create a folder called, for example, 2007-03-09-sbmax-content-backup and then back up everything there.

    Or at least that's what i'd do. I like having datestamps in my folder / file names (for backups) so i can easily see which archives are old, and which are new. But each to their own.



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      Originally posted by AmeliasMuma View Post
      I noticed all the templates went straight onto my desk top [not into a folder like the scraps n shapes etc did] so its useful to make a folder named templates 1st then have the program copy them in to that new template folder.
      Thanks for the info! I thought I saw them flying through! I sent them to folders on my external hard drive. It was so kind of Desmond to do this because it's easy to forget to back them up and what a pain it would be to have to wander through the forums trying to find everything again!! Crikey!!


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        Think you for the program. Its a very good program.


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          I was looking for an easier way to back up my files. I think this is it. Thought some of the newbies might want to use this, too! Question though. Is this just for the graphics or does it back up my scrapbooks in SBM, too so that they are still editable? I wanted to back up the scrapbooks to CD but wanted to keep them editable.
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            I'm glad you brought this message to the front. I missed the original. As for backing up your working scrapbooks, why don't you export a layout and save the smt. file to disk. That would preserve the layering.