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Recoloring Objects?

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  • Recoloring Objects?

    Is there a way to recolor objects other than choosing "sepia" under the advanced effects button and recoloring that way? The sepia thing seems hit or miss with the colors-- sometimes it gives me what I'm looking for, and sometimes not. I was wondering if there was an easier way to do it. Anybody know?

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    Go to "effects" and then to "advanced"
    Hope this helps!


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      In advanced just move then all and keep clicking apply at the end you save or cancel but i have found that there are loads of colors and just the slightest move makes a deferent.
      But a color picker would be a grate thing to have .

      buddies are- angelwithin


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        I am using advanced under effects. Then I am choosing sepia and picking a color to recolor. My problem is that it doesn't always recolor to the color that I'm picking-- I'm sure it has something to do with the nature of the sepia effect. So, I was wondering if there was another way to recolor objects-- besides using the sepia option under advanced effects. Or is this my only option? --Katie


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          Yes you use the sepia, but you can use other effects along with it to get it to work better. First go to "advance, adjust color and move the slider for "saturation" about 3/4 of the way to the left (From the middle). This should turn the object to a gray tone. Then go to "sepia" and pic your color. If it is still a little darker or lighter than you like, go back to "adjust color" and move the "lightness" slider to the right or left a little to adjust the color. When you hit "apply", if the color isn't quite right you can hit "undo" and adjust some more and hit "apply" again. when you get it the color you want then press "ok". You can try the other affects the same way.

          Making the item Gray first helps to get a more accurate color. Otherwise you are just adding a color to different color and blending the two.

          Hope that was understandable.


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            Thanks, Sacannon! I'll try it out and see if I get better results. You guys are a great help! --Katie