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  • New and so glad I am here

    Dear fellow scrapmaxer's,
    I am new to this program and for many reasons I am so glad that i ran across it.
    Last year we had a house fire and lost pets and photos and well everything we
    worked hard for . Twenty years of memories of our new life together and the birth of our girls. I am ashamed to say it but I took all those things for granted and now that we have lost those moments I am struggling with trying to save what photos can be saved etc. So what started out being a very sad day a few days ago seeing all your pages has given me hope that one day I too will be sitting with my girls and the fire will just be a long time memory....

    Sure would love to chat with people....

    Looking for some basketball idea pages etc if anyone could help me. My daughter
    has some very good friends on her team for the last 6 years and they have been kind enough to let me scan their team photos etc.

    Take care and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a ray of sundshine at a bleek time....


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    You must have been heartbroken! Besides my family and friends, my pictures are my most precious assett. We never think of something like that happening to us. Check with family and friends, they may have more of your old pictures you can scan and other then that, start making new memories!
    Glad you found us. This is a great program, and the very best part of it is the members of this forum. They are like family, very supportive and caring!


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      How unbelievably sad. I do hope you manage to get back some memories. My mother had similar thing happen. She lost all our photos in a flood some years ago. I have some of my childhood photos but not many. Future generations are lucky , with technology now they can be preserved in so many ways.

      I managed to track some down of my schooldays from old schoolfriends who I would have lost touch with forever had it not been for the internet.

      Good luck and I hope you find more than you had hoped.
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        So sorry to hear about the fire - how awful for you. To lose your pets, too, would be just unbearable. We're awfully glad you're here and hopefully, you'll find pictures with relatives and friends that you can scan, too!


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          Welcome to SBM we are so glad to have you here..looking forward to talking more with sorry to hear of your misfortune..I tend to take things for granted too..I sure hope thru family and friends you can get some photos back..thank goodness now we have scanners and computers..I will be looking forward to seeing your pages..I am sure if you search thru the archives you will find some basketball things..its all free so have fun...
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            Hello Foreverpooh! Welcome aboard!! So SORRY to hear about the fire! Its a shame! But dont be gloomy for too long, I know you lost some pets and that is soooo sad, I would be a basket case!!! Thats for sure, but the good thing that happened is your family is still alive! And that in itself is a blessing!! No one can take the memories you have in your head, not even a fire! But now is the time for new beginnings! Find everything you can and just start journaling it. Alot of scrapping you dont need pictures for but the journaling is what explains everything, so I hope that will help ya alittle. Find something that reminds you of an event and take it from there.
            You have joined a very wonderful program filled with loads of fun and the peeps in here are unbelieveable!! You will have a new family before you know it! everyone in here is remarkable!!! you will see that soon if ya havent already!
            So have loads of fun and if you ever need help with anything just start a thread and YELL for help, you WILL get an answer very fast!!! Now get to work! We want to see a layout!!! LOL

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              I agree with everyone else. I'm very sorry that you had to go through this [about amonth ago a friend had the same thing happen to her and her husband]. I had chills when she was telling me what happened. I'm so glad you feel hope when looking through this site. We make a good sized family here and welcome you with open arms. Journaling your memories will help you so much. Basically repeating what Crops said.

              Welcome to the SBM family and yep want to see a LO
              Sue xx

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              Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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                Hi Pooh! Welcome to the forum. Pooh is my most favorite creature in all the universe, so we are off to a good start! Sorry to hear about the fire. I had to leave every thing behing when I came to the states, and I still miss some of the stuff I left behind. So I understand how you feel.

                We are delighted to have you here, and welcome you to visit our town, Scrapsville! No fires there, only a bunch of nuts. I try my best to keep them all in line, but it's a loosing battle. Sure could use your help.

                Looking forward to seeing your work. Get your girls involved with the program and the forum. It will be great therapy.


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