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  • New member with a question

    Hi everyone! I am REALLY new to this whole forum thing so please bear with me. I just got my trial version and have been LOVING IT!! I will have the full version as soon as money permits! I do have a question though. Am I not allowed to add new pages into my scrapbooks in the trial version? I completely understan if I can't I just want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. It will let me click on the 'add page' button but then there is nothing in the screen and it tells me I have to pick a template before I can add a new page. Just wanted to make sure that it is because I have the trial version.

    I love the software and am excited to start creating! This is my first experience scrap booking and I love it!
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    Welcome,Manatee I am now but certain it seems that version trial, now allow would galleria, but now desamine va making its works, and when you will have the chance buys software goes to love, and to turn one fa unconditional I am certain of this, finds always people here disposition you to help ok , I love this place, and we wait you soon



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      NOW........ I have the feeling that when you click 'add page' if you then just click 'ok' a blank page will appear in SBM & you can begin creating!!!!!


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        I am sure one of the moderatorswill answer your question. I know that the trial version does not have everythig the full does. If you wait a bit the answer will appear here soon.
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          I installed the trial version to begin with, and was able to create pages. It came with a few templates, embellishments etc. Sounds like you might need to reinstall the trial version. Maybe something got corrupted in the transfer...who knows, it is a man made machine after all Good luck!!!


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            Manatee.... There is a blank page on the top left of that window. Click on that one and you can create your own stuff. The others choices are for templates you buy or download from the forum, or even ones you have already done and want to add to or edit.


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              Hi Manatee25,

              We recently uncovered a bug that affects a small number of users relating to adding pages. This will be fixed for the next service release, however in the meantime, we have found that it does work as expected if you right-click on any page tab and select "Add" instead of using the page menu item.

              Give that a try and let us know.


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