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    For some reason, I can't get my pages to pull up files in My Pictures (PSE). Whenever I double click on the picture on a layout, I get the message, "Cannot load file." Does anyone know what is wrong?

    Added: In fact, even when I click on the photo part of the task bar, I cannot get to my photos. It just won't go there. It keeps defaulting back to My Document/settings.... instead of My Documents/My Pictures.

    Gosh, I don't think I have the temperment for this computer digital stuff. Remember, I told you that I HATE computers. And I have to stop working on them in the evening. I'm not sleeping well since I've been trying to figure out SBM. Its making me nuts. Tomorrow, I will work with PAPER!! Yippeee.......tranquility and mine.
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    When you click on My Documents, do you have a file in there called My Pictures?
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      AmeliasMuma, yes, I do have this, but I can't get to it from SBM. When I click on My Pictures, I get a message - "Can't access file."

      I've got to contact SBM about this. This is a fatal problem if I can't access my photos.

      Back to add: Okay, this morning, I could access them on a different page of the layout. I went back to the page that I couldn't download a picture to, and had mixed results. I got the same message for some attempts. And I was able to access and download a picture, but it didn't go into the pre-made picture location on the page. It downloaded as a movable embellishment. And I accessed it from double-clicking on the picture spot. Maybe something is wrong with this page?

      When I was practicing with SBM, I was using the trail version without many problems. My problems are happening since I got the software.
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        are all your photographs saved as jpegs? the photo section only recognises jpegs

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          Fiona, yes, they are jpegs.

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            Here's what i'm doing to add a picture to a template. If you follow these steps, where does it fall apart for you?

            1. Create a new project with a template (if one template is failing for you, please try another template, so we can determine if it is smbax that is messing up, or the template).

            2. Double click on the 'Double-click to select a photo' placeholder.

            3. Click on 'My Pictures'
            -- At this point, you should see a listing of your pictures. If you don't, try manually navigating to the location of your pictures using the 'my comptuer' button in the bottom -left corner of that dialog.

            4. Click OK -- it should add the picture to your layout.

            I can't get that error you mention. Is your computer set up with My Documents in the default location? Or is it different? Are you using the most current version of the software? (

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