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Hey is anyone out there?

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  • Hey is anyone out there?

    I was wondering if you can use paper templates, to create papers, on SBM and if so, could somebody give me the steps, please. Also can I use them for publishing or is that taboo.

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    I guess I don't understand the question, do you mean scan paper and use it in SBM?


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      Nope, I have bought several paper templates, where you can design your own paper with different colours and such. I bought them from ScrapGirls website. They give you a gray template and you fill the areas with colours or gradients or whatever you want. I hope this explanation helps, I don't know any other way to explain myself.
      Thanks for getting back to me Marion. You are always there.


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        I don't think you can use them in SBM. You need a selection tool to select the area to fill with color. I tried one that I have and I couldn't even change the color using the adjust color feature. It made a nice black and white paper though. I just thought of this--If you set your background to a color you wanted, and then put the paper template over the top, you could make a black and (whatever color you chose) paper. Make sure the templates are png files first. The one I was using was. This wouldn't work if it was a jpg. One more thought--you could also lower the opacity of the template to let more of the color show through.
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          I tried one of my templates & here's how it turned out. This template is also from ScrapGirls. I filled the background color with pink, put the template on top, and then lowered the opacity until I was satisfied with how it looked. So I guess you can use them in SBM, you just can't change as many things as you would be able to with Photoshop or other programs.
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            Thanks for the information. I'll try it.
            I appreciate at it.