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    Hello.. Oh I love ScrapbookMax but I have a question. I downloaded a template and I am trying to use it with a kit. Is there a tutorial on how to do it? I highlighted the part of the template I wanted to put the color on but I can't do it.. HELP please?

    Qadirah/[email protected]

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    Hi Qadirah!

    Glad you found Scrapbook MAX!. I'm not sure I quite understand what you are trying to do...if you could explain it again with as many details as you can, that may be helpful. Sometimes it takes a few tries communicating through cyberspace, but don't worry - we'll figure this out together!

    In the meantime, a great resource for learning about how to work with SBM is the user's guide found under Help> User's Guide in the program, or go to Read the chapter called "Scrapbooking 101" for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the many features of the program.

    There are also a couple of video tutorials to watch:

    Please don't hestitate to post questions- you'll find everyone here happy to help!