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  • templete question

    I downloaded a free templete from another website, it was in zip form and I saved it in a folder for that kind of templetes. Now how do I get it up on SMB? I can get it up through browse but then I cannot change things on it, when I click on a certain part the whole thing comes up asking if I want to change the picture. I really just want to add parts to it etc. Not sure if I can do this in SBM or not. If not what programs on a basic computer can I use to do stuff to templetes with? Just need some advice on how this whole thing works. Thanks so much. Courtney

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    Courtney, if it is a template, they are not compatible with SBM. If you mean a quick page, then you can put your pictures on it, but you can't change or rearange anyhing on it

    It's like putting Ford parts in a GM vehicle.

    Hope this helps.


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      Originally posted by Marion View Post
      It's like putting Ford parts in a GM vehicle.
      I really liked that!



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        thanks for the help, I understand now how it works. This site is so wonderful.