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"Look At My Layout" Rules-Reminder!

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  • "Look At My Layout" Rules-Reminder!

    Hello Everyone!

    It's been almost TWO MONTHS since we established the "Look At My Layout" categories in the forums and in the gallery. They've been a great success and a great way for us to share our favorite layouts with each other!

    A friendly reminder for those members who are new to the forums:

    Please limit your posts to 3 layouts a day in the "Look At My Layout" category in the gallery. You can post as many layouts as you'd like in your own member gallery - even 300 a day if you have the scrap-a-bility!! - but please limit your posts in the Look At My Layout category to your three favorite per day. That way, we can all "tune in" to this category and enjoy a variety of different layouts from many members "at a glance". We like to think of this section as a "Bulletin Board" where we display a collage of work from a whole bunch of talented scrappers!

    Thanks for your participation in these new categories, and keep on scrappin'!


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    That's good to know. But one question--if you post your LO in "Look at my Layout" does it automatically post it to your members gallery too? I posted a LO in "look at my layout" and again in my gallery, and I now have two copies of the LO in my gallery. How do I delete one of those LO's so there isn't two in my gallery? Thank you.

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      You're right! When you post a layout in the Look at My Layout section, it can be viewed by going to your member gallery. Look at My Layout is actually a sub-category in your member gallery (kind of like an album) - that's why you'll see your layout both with the other Look at My Layout posts, and if you are viewing your own gallery. That's also why if you post it twice (i.e. in the Look at My Layout category, and then again in an album or other category within your member gallery) the thumbnail image will show up twice in your member gallery.

      If you want to delete an image from a category, click on your image, and choose Edit Photo (an option that appears below your layout). You will then be given an option to change categories, delete your image, and a few other things. Make sure that you really want to remove the image before choosing to delete it.

      Having said that, there is no harm in having a layout appear in two or more categories at once. For instance, let's say you uploaded an album a few months ago, and there's a layout in it that would be FANTASTIC for this month's Groove contest, or you suddenly get the urge to show it off in the Look at My Layout category. By going to the same Edit Photo options, you can choose "Copy to" and then pick a second category (like the contest category, or Look at My Layout) - your layout will now appear in both categories (i.e. in your original album, and in the category where you "copied" the layout)!

      Of course, it's up to you - but there is no need to remove your layout from your among your other images just because you want to post it in the Look At My Layout section.

      Great question! If anyone else has comments or questions about the Look at My Layout category in the gallery, post 'em here!