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  • Misty Cato Designs - GREAT BLOG!

    First let me say - I don't "work" fo Misty - I did a little CT stuff for her a while back but as of now, I'm just one of her adoring fans.

    She has one of the best blogs out there, IMO. And she's always giving freebies away. She's really generous and so professional about everything that she does.

    I LOVE HER STUFF! And for those of us who use photoshop, she's got TONS of tutorials - great, great stuff.

    And!! she's by far one of the nicest designers I've chatted with on-line.

    Did I mention I really like her?? Well I do, and I wanted to share about her.

    Go check her out:

    Please visit my SBM store!

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    I read her blog daily, absolutely no missing a day! I love seeing her layouts, she's awesome.