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  • Backing up templates

    Well, moving along....I bought an external hard drive (EHD). I've never had one, so this is a new experience. The first thing I want to do is save all the SBM templates that I downloaded into SBM onto the EHD. Just how do I do this? I can't do it from the "save as" function, nor can I 'export' them there. In the 'Publish' function, I don't see where I can save them to an EHD. Or do I have to save them somewhere else and then save them to the EHD? Hmmm, I didn't check out Windows Explorer to see if I could get them from SBM into the EHD. Let me do that first. Nope, all the downloaded templates are not listed there either. Can someone help me with this? I think I was too hasty early on and saved all this stuff, templates, paper and embellishments right into SBM. I should have put it somewhere else, right?

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    I created a little utility to back up all your stuff:

    It's not officially supported by Indigo Rose, so use at your own risk. But since it's just copying files, in my (non official) opinion, there's not a lot of risk.

    It backs up every template (that didn't come with sbmax) and all content (that came with, and didn't come with scrapbook max!) to a folder that you choose. SO point it to your removable hard-drive (maybe create a folder or two there), and go to town!



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      Thank you Desmond. I missed that thread somehow.

      Jormanoy, Mswizard mom7911 are my buddies