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    I'm looking for a web site that was posted a while back. The web site was gold & had each type of embellishment listed on a curled paper - corners, backgrounds, frames, etc.. It was a beautiful web site & had lots of PSP tubes. The only name I remember from the site is Winni because I created a folder called Winni downloads. I don't know what I did but I can not find that web site. I put it in my favorites but with all the good sites that are posted in the forums my favorites list is getting very large. If anyone knows which site I'm talking about please let me know.


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    Is this the one you are looking for???


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      Yes it is, Trudi sent me the link too. I decided to create a folder in my favorites for my "favorite" sites so I won't lose any of them. I spent a lot of time looking for that site. Thanks for your help & I really appreciate how fast the response is when a person asks for help.