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can someone help me? pixel/resolution

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  • can someone help me? pixel/resolution

    I am saving/exporting my pages to another program to make a photo DVD. I dont know if it matters for this but it does on the DVD maker.. My TV is a 72 inch widescreen. Obviously it isnt going to "fill" the screen but I do want it as clear as possible regardless of the size. I have chosen the extra large screen as the size under page settings but I am not sure if I should increase the resolution which is default set at 200. I have a 10 megapixel camera that took some of my photos and The rest I scanned in at a fairly high resolution. I have no idea if any of that matters at all.... but i was trying to cover all the bases sooo... increase? if so, to what?
    Thank you in advance to anyone who can help or comment.

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    The basic dimensions for broadcast NTSC video is 720w x 480h (U.S. Canada, Japan, etc). Some other countries use PAL and of couse France has to be a little different, they use SECAM.

    DPI is related to print. Your photo DVD software will convert you imported images into whatever the output format size needs to be for the DVD (i.e 720x 480)

    Just to confuse you a little more, here's a nice little article describing television resolution
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      72" widescreen................thats a cinema not a tv lol.

      PS *Want one*
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