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    Upgrade their hard drive and or memory because of your 'Addiction'?

    I decided this morning, after some thought, very little thought upgrade so I ordered a new 350 GB hard drive AND 2 GB memory....Strictly for scrapbooking! Me thinks this is going to be yet another very expensive habit! LOL

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    Hello, I haven't upgraded yet. But others have. Yes it could get expensive I guess, but you can look at it this way when you purchase once items you can use them over and over. You don't have to go rebuy it like you would if you were paper scrapping. Lots to show for the money being spent. It is addictive but alot of fun. Me when I purchase others digital kits even though I would like to purchase all of them and at one time. I limit myself. I have a list of every kit I want then buy 2 or 3 at a time. I hope you are enjoying your sbm. And welcome to your new addiction. LOL. It is alot of fun.

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      Hi Mswizard!! Yes I have that problem of tooo much stuff on my computer! YIKES but at the moment cant afford new computer, so what I do is copy everything to a dvd. then get it off my computer, when I go to scrap, I just put the dvd in and drag the stuff I want onto the page. It will work for now! By the time I get a new computer I hope it comes with 1 million gigs! LOL

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