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    Does anyone seem to be having a problem with the speed of loading pages, etc... I just re-formatted my hard drive not too long ago and I keep most of my downloads on an external hard drive, and it seems like since the last upgrade of SBM my program is running super slow! Is there something maybe I have done, or can do to improve the speed. I am patient because I love the finished results, but I gotta tell ya, sometimes it's rather frustrating! Any help or recommendations would be greately appreciated.

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    Sorry Karey! The last time SBM updated was one of the best! It got faster thats for sure, I dont know what the problem could be, but I am sure someone will come along and help ya! Sorry it couldnt be me.

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      I just got my program not long ago and it is very sloooowwww too, and my files are on an external drive. Looking forward to some answer that may speed things up.

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        It might help to put your working file(s) on the C drive. When you are done with it, you can store it on the external drive.

        It might help to also only have a few pages in each project. I would name 'Project1' & 'Project2' & so on... Then you can tell they are members of the 'same' project.

        Another thing that I noticed is when you have lots of stuff on the page, it usually takes awhile to load up. So maybe have that one page be it's own 'Projectx'.

        I've also rename templates to zzzProjectxyz... With the zzz', it helps to load them last when you pull up templates. (You can also move them to a different directory so the software won't pull them in - until you need them.) I rename xmas & halloween... projects that way so they get pulled in last. I won't have to go through them every time until I need them for that holiday/occasion.

        HOpe that helps. I am sure others have suggestions as well. Good luck.




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          My scrapbook max is incredibly slow too. None of these suggestions make much difference. I don't have the problem with other programs and have the latest upgrade - it can only be scrapbook max as it doesn't happen with other software.


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            Try This:

            Some times a graphic intense program will eat your graphics driver. Try updating it through the manufacturer. We normally don't think of these things otherwise. I have had to do this when I started playing with paint shop and photoshop and had tons of Pics and web graphics on my HD.

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              I have noticed the more pages I put into a single scrapbook, the slower SBM gets. Also the larger the photos and elements I use the slower it gets. If I have PSP [Paint Shop Pro] open to that slows it, and when I have folders open on top that slows it down. I'm using a Radeon graphics card that has 256mb memory [I'm an online gamer to so need the extra umph]. Its not slow enough to make me worry about it though, its noticable but I can live with it.
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                Odd mine is the same as before.

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                  oh... remember to try & run just SBM as the only program. Some times if u have been running other programs, reboot so you clear up all the memory & any memory leaks from other programs. That way you have all the memory that SBM can utilize.