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  • Help needed please.

    I received my CD the other day (thank you for such prompt service) but I cannot see any difference in the content to that of the trial version. My husband installed it for me, he is pretty nippy with computers, I am wondering if he did something wrong or missed a step.

    Should we have deleted the trial offer first before installing the full programme?

    I am anxious to try and create some of the lovely work which I see on here.

    Thank you.

    Mary - England
    Mary ~ living in the North of England

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    Make sure that you are running the full version and not the trial that you previously had installed. Maybe even uninstall the trial version.
    Brett Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Thank you, Brett, I shall try your suggestion.

      Mary ~ living in the North of England


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        hi MaryL
        Just to add to Brett's info, make sure you add the Content pack also, I neglected to at first & there wasn't much on the version until I added the Content Pack & wow, what a difference that made, good luck & enjoy


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          Content Pack & Photo Paper

          Hello, I also missed the Content Pack install process until it made clear from ladies on here assured me that I missed it. I had another letter emailed to me with the instructions and on the bottom was a link for the content Pack. It was very easy to miss in the letter. I now have it installed and anxiously awaiting the hard copy version to come in the mail.

          I plan to print some of my pages within the next couple of days but first I need to go buy photo paper. I believe most are using "Mate" finish! I would love to know what finished paper you call prefer.
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            Humm reading this has made me wounder.. Okay I bought the scrapbook max right and I just receved the Disk in the mail the other day.. witch took over a month to get.. but anyways.. and I didnt think I download the disk on the computer.. dont i already have the program? should I do the disk.. also I am thinking I missed the templet thing too. and I no longer have the email so what should I do.. cause in my opinion I have to be missing something.. cause there isnt anything on it like maybe 20 things all together to choose from. PLEASE HELP!!!


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              hi there
              Once you have the disk, you can either uninstall the version you have & reinstall using the CD,plus once you have done
              that, you add the Content Pack,believe me,it has so much in it you will
              never be bored
              Or if you downloaded the trial version I think all you have to do is add the content pack to it,not so sure on the trial version - if in doubt uninstall & put it all back on using the CD, was so much easier doing it that way ,you wil not lose any of your work,that is kept for you,even with the uninstall button.
              If anyone thinks this is incorrect ,please correct me, but that is what I di d,& it worked fine for me
              Goodluck, hope you have it up & running in no time


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                Content pack

                Can someone tell me how to get that content pack? THanks so much. TStephens


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                  Hi Tstephens The content pack is on the CD that you get. after you install SBM there is another pack to install called content pack that has alll the emblishments and other stuff in! I too didnt install that at first and felt like a fool but dont worry we all go thru it together!

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                    Im off now to see if I downloaded the content pack I cant remember


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                      I think maybe you should uninstall the trial version first, but if you got an email there are two parts to download! I also missed the second bit I was in such a rush to get started!
                      Where are you in Barnsley Mary? I come from Bradford originally, but am now in Norfolk. My Grandma was born in Barnsley, my Gran's sister lives in Darfield, though I havent been there for years.



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                        Content pack

                        I'm a little confused, and am so thrilled to have such a helpful board. Some posts have suggested that when you download the free trial, and then purchase, that in the download email is a link for additional stuff, or the content pack; others seem to say it's just on the CD. Can someone clear that up for me...and send me that instructive email, maybe, if it's on the downloadable version? Thanks so much! TStephens


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                          Content Pack

                          Ohhh. I must have misunderstood. I thought there was something on the trial version that we could use while waiting for the CD. Where's my mailman???
                          Thanks. TStephens