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    I have been doing digital now for several months. I want to do some of my own designing & possibly share. I have a couple programs to work with... I have read the copyright issues & forums but I am still confused. Where are others getting the elements they start with. I see some elements that are old time PICS & have to be copyrighted? I see some that I know are licensed such as Disney & even some things I know are from the " Current" card catalog design.
    Things that look like they are taken from pictures or cards & maybe scanned. Is this off limits??? I find this a touchy area...
    Help me with my confusion as my assumption is something that is your design is from scratch..


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    A lot of things you can use for your own personal use, but can not post for for others to use. But if you read carefully some things like brushes, you can download and create things with and give away or sell the creation. You just can't give away or sell the brush. Brushes are basically like "rubber stamps" that we used in paper scrapping. Some are free and some you have to buy. There are some "old time" items out there that you can use. But you do have to read the TOU's of everything.

    There are also Filters, Layers, Styles, Patterns, actions etc... that you can get to add on to your program to help you create things. You can get images too, but you will have to check the TOU's to see if you can give or sell the creations you make with them.


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      Hi Gotart! I am not a designer, nor do I ever want to be at this time. I just used things I find in here or the web, I think as long as I am not selling it and using it for my proposes only, its ok. I try to give credit where credit is due, and with the Disney stuff, you bet they have copyrights, the way I look at it is, I am not selling any of the stuff I do, just like to share it in the gallery. And if I understaning correctly, that is ok!

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        Well said Sue, to add to it yes I have noticed pictures as well. I take pictures and use them as backgrounds. I have a few templates sets in my section of the store that I used pictues that I took with my digital camera to use as a back ground. I just posted a Mother's Day template freebie in the sharing corner with the background from a picture I took of flowers and roses my Dear Hubby bought me.

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