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  • Help with Masks

    I'm having a problem figureing out how to use the wonderful masks you all have shared. Was wondering if someone could give me a quick tutorial on how to use them. Thanks !

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    Here's the link for learning how to use the Mask Layouts....

    I posted as separate JPGS so you right click each one and put them in your separate picture folder or some Place you can remember to bring into your SBM layout through the PICTURES sections and PUT the tut off to the side and EXPAND it out for easy reading..Delete when finished..and it will guide you right along!! Hope this helps explain it!! THANKS!!


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      Wickel, you mask them must be used in photos or papers to become edges, they are really fantastic e embelezam our works, to put you must to act of the following form: when to want to make a work will choose a photo or to paper, of two clicks anger to open a window , it marks the square where this writing custom shape, then anger to open a window with its you mask e alone to choose which you want e to clicar ok,

      If I did not explain as you it intended it forgives me, ok but in this forum nobody leaves, without a necessary reply, it is certain of this, soon plus somebody vera its doubts e anger helps it in way more complete ok

      Kisses Good luck, good, work


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        Thank you Autistic and Rosana for all you help. I'm off to practice with Mask's . Stay tuned !


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          You two ROCK !! Thanks for all your help I think I finally got it !