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I LOVE my Shutterfly Photobook!!!!

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  • I LOVE my Shutterfly Photobook!!!!

    My Shutterfly Photobook came in today-- I made a scrapbook of our year and then uploaded it to the shutterfly "print your digital scrapbook" option. It turned out beautiful!!!! Shutterfly even let me design the front and back covers of the book, as well as the spine. I can't stop "showing it off" to everyone I know. I highly recommend using shutterfly to print your layouts in a photobook. And the book is skinny, too-- I can keep a ton of them on the shelf since it is probably only a quarter as thick as an average scrapbook. Loooove it!! --Katie

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    If you dont mind may asking, how much was the book ? [I have a shutterfly account] and what size did you get? .... oh and how many pages? lol .... that is it, no more questions. I'm seriously thinking of getting one done for my mum with loads of Amy pages.
    Sue xx

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      I got a 12X12 book. Mine ended up being 35 pages-- the prices listed on the site are for 20 pages, and then you pay extra for each page you add. Shutterfly offered me free shipping, and I found a coupon code online for 15% off, so I paid $65.00 total for my 35 page book. I figure it's a pretty good deal considering how much a regular scrapbook albumn costs, and then paying to have a printing service print each page. If you do use shutterfly, make sure you download their guidelines about printing a digital scrapbook-- there are some features that they have you turn off on their site, and they give you guidelines for how close to the edges you should put "important" elements on the pages, etc (due to binding of the book). I followed their guidelines, and everything printed beautifully! I've been taking the book with me everywhere I've been tonight-- I feel like a first grader at show and tell . Let me know if you have any other questions. I definitely think it's worth the buy. --Katie