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Saving Embellishments from a template

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  • Saving Embellishments from a template

    Could someone please tell me how to save embellishments from a template? On some of these challenges, I want to save an embellishment in the layout to a file, but I don't want to save the entire layout. Click and drag or copy will not do the job, yet I know there is a way. Please enlighten me! Does the template have to be exported in a special way?

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    The only way I have figured out how to do it is to
    1 add a new page
    2 copy the embellishment to the new page
    3 publish the layout to images.
    4 go to images and find the embellishment. all pages from the album would be published. (I delete them after I am done)
    5 click on the embellishment and open with a program in which you can then save the embellishment (I use adobe). any photo program should be able to do it.

    If there is an easier way I would love to know. Maybe someone else know how.


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      Saving Embellishments

      All of the embellishments in a scrapbook are saved in the project file, so I just open the template and save it as a scrapbook with the same name.

      Then anytime you want the embellishment you just use Windows Explorer to go to the project file and drag and drop. (You can also copy them to another place, such as where you usually store your embellishments.). I like to put the screenshot in the directory which is the name of the scrapbook, so when I open the folder of scrapbooks I can easily tell which project is which.

      SBMax puts the embellishment files in the following directory: My Documents/ Scrapbook MAX!/ Projects/ the name of the scrapbook/ Resources/ AutoPlay/ Images.

      If your SBMax is slow because you have too many scrapbooks under Projects, you can use Windows Explorer to move some of them to another place, i.e. another directory.

      (Another way is to import the page you want to take embellishments from into your current scrapbook and then copy what you want to your pages. After you are finished copying, you can delete that page again. That may be easier for that one time, but the first way saves the images permanently where you can find them again and again, especially if you use drag and drop.)

      Those are the two methods I use to save embellishments from a tenplate.


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        Yep just learned how to do what Leafroberts has just said because of this months challenge.
        Sue xx

        sigpic Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

        Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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          Need right click save feature added to SBM

          It would be so much simpler and easier if Max would add a right click save feature like you have in any other program. You can save the whole page, but I often just want to save the elements to use in other pages. You should be able to right click on any single element and save just that.
          I'm glad to find out another way to do that, but it's sure time consuming.
          How about it Max? Can you help us out here? We'd all be very grateful!


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            Oh Linda .. If Only we could do that... why not put it in the SUGGESTIONS thread?


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              It's done Moonbeam!


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                Embellishments copied!

                SBMax puts the embellishment files in the following directory: My Documents/ Scrapbook MAX!/ Projects/ the name of the scrapbook/ Resources/ AutoPlay/ Images.]

                Thanks a bunch, Leafroberts, for the great instructions. That was exactly what I wanted to do. I was able to copy and save the flower pot from this month's challenge in my download section.

                SBM needs to add that to the help file. I searched all the contents and could not find a thing.