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    Ive just downloaded the trial version of SBMax and so far im loving it. Im just wondering, do most of you print out your pages and put into albums? Ive got a couple of 12x12 albums from my old scrapbooking days that i'd like to fill up and then I might move to something a little smaller.
    Im also wondering whether SBM offer free kits, pages, embellishments etc as i've noticed some other sites have free stuff.

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    Hi there and welcome!

    I'm sure some others will jump in with their printing stories. I know many people on this site print at home with great results and have printer and size preferences and tips to share. Others opt for professional prints. I recently directed another member to Scrapbook MAX!'s own online printing service and to some comments from those who have tried it.

    As for freebies, you've found freebie paradise! Click here to check out our "Sharing Corner" where you'll find templates, embellishments and lots of free goodies to use in your scrapbooks - all made by talented and generous Scrapbook MAX! members.

    We also have our very own Booster Pack Store well-stocked with kits and content created by SBM's team of professional designers that you can purchase.

    Stop by anytime with questions, and have fun scrapping!



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      Hi Karin and thanks so much for your reply. I did see the SBM online printing store but as Im in Australia Im unable to use it. If this ever changes i'll gladly look at printing through SBM


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        You can try shutterfly for printing. Some people have used this printing service and love it. You could invest in a printer that prints 12x12 pages, but if you don't plan to print very many pages you may not want to invest in another printer. As Karin said we have loads of freebies on this site in the templates and embellishment threads. Take a look, you might be surprisingly happy over what you find. Welcome to the site and hope that you find what you are looking for. Looking forward to seeing your Lo's in the gallery.

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          Hi again, noosamum! - sorry, I didn't check your location before replying- oops! By the way, you're sure to meet a lot of fellow Australians here!

          Welcome once again, and stop by anytime with questions!



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            Great Place to Print

            I found a great online printing place. It is called Pure Print Designs and their website is: I have tried many of the online printers but I like them the best. Their pages are only $2.25 per page and their prints are beautiful. They only print on one kind of paper but it is very nice and perfect for my scrapbooks. I have been very pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone.


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              I just posted the exact same question on another thread about printing - lol, so I'm looking forward to all the answers. Thanks
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                I've heard some really good things about Scrapbook Please, but haven't used it myself. Costco is also doing scrapbook size pages now, that's something new! Both seem to have really good prices. Scrapbook Please has $.99 pages when they go on sale! Scrapbook Please also has a large variety of paper to choose from. Good Luck!