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  • Using Tons of Memory

    I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem and has any suggestions. I can do the basics on Scrapbook Max just fine, but it is very slow to switch between pages and freezes up if I get to many pictures or embelishments on a page. My computer keeps giving me a "Virtual Memory is Low" warning. I just got a newer computer with more memory than the last one, and I cleaned a few programs off my computer that I'm not using. But does anyone have any other ideas?
    I have also been downloading some of the awesome templates that you guys have shared. Thank you all!! But I was wondering, if it is an 8x8 or 8.5x11 template can I still use it in 12x12 scrapbook?
    Thanks for all your help!

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    Loss of memory

    No I don't mean my loss of memory! Computer loss! I think we all deal with this problem sometime in our scrapbooking experience. We just get eager to download and overload the system. I noticed that many scrappers use an external hard drive for storage. I also used a flash drive for storage of all my papers, but now I devoted an old computer to only SBM.

    One flaw in the design of SBM is not being able to designate a default file storage area for paper and emblishments. Storing all this stuff in the program files does slow down the program. The alternative is to store the files in a folder in MY DOCUMENTS and browse or "drag and drop". Each person eventually decides on a system that works best for him or her.