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    I just tried to get into my templates folder and when I did, i discovered that i have duplicate pages of everything. How do I delete those duplicates and make it right again? I have never noticed this before now. Now it takes forever for the templates to load since there are soo many of them.

    Also does anyone know how to change the name of the scrapbook that your working on so it stays? I have tried to change them after i save them but then when i add to the album it goes right back to the original name. Which i wasnt paying attention to when I started the original album..cuddles marie should not be the name of the military album!!

    Any help would be appreciated....Ok now back to my layout..

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    OUr TEMPLATES folder in the My Documents> SBM folder is typically where all our NEW .smt templates go especially OURS that we make..

    The TEMPLATES folder in the C:SBM>TEMPLATES are not ones that I bother with much..they house the program templates with the program..

    If you check each of those template sections and find duplicated items in one of them..simply click the later of the two duplicated folders and RIGHT CLICK and DELETE..If you continue to see that problem..You will need Desmond to come to the rescue..or another more familiar with the problem..These templates have SHARED properties for ADD a page (shows each and every template singularly and the packaged templates for start a NEW scrapbook)One of these template sections also helps us individually change each name of the albums we produce..I think the C:SBM is where we actually can change each of our pages and rename the album and get it to STICK!!

    RIGHT CLICK and do the RENAME..Your individual pages still have that name attached to them. ALL your pages have to be renamed EXACTLY like the scrapbook name. I've struggled with this myself. .So I'd like to hear how others manage this issue as well. Their HAS to be an easier way..But nothing has been easy about renaming an album once it has been named and getting it to STICK!!GOOD LUCK!!! This hasn't been much help but many of us struggle with these same issues..So I'm staying tuned to this station!!LOL!!

    CHEERS gIRL!!!


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      Rename a template

      I just tried this to be sure the instructions worked. Open the folder with the wrong name and FILE>SAVE. Give the new template the correct name and save it. Click FILE>OPEN and bring up the working projects. Right click on the template with the wrong name and delete it.

      I also use AutisticWonder's advice when I want to "cleanup" my stored templates that are not working projects. I use the template storage in the scrapbook max area of C drive to store templates that I really want to keep.

      Also glad to see you on the mend again. Being sick is no fun! Scrapbooking is fun!
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        Ok i will follow these instructions and see if I can get rid of the duplicates. I have noticed that the templates i have downloaded off of SBM have actually gone into the projects folder with the templates in it though. The one I open up when i am searching for a new scrapbook template. Do I need to change a setting so they go into the other documents folder?..

        Thanks for your help....


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          Originally posted by shelbz View Post
          I have noticed that the templates i have downloaded off of SBM have actually gone into the projects folder with the templates in it though. The one I open up when i am searching for a new scrapbook template.
          SBM shows the layouts in BOTH the template sections when you view a new template. It just seems like they are merged together.


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            templates solved` Now onto GIMP

            I just downlaoded and installed the GIMP program...any pointers on how to use the templates on it? I have played around a litte but i guess maybe a tutorial from one who uses it might be better for me. The more step by step the better. I tend to get frustrated now easier then normal...Thanks for all the help.......


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              You know I wondered where I'd heard this word. My daughter calls all sorts of people she is fed up with Gimps these days.

              I wish I knew how to use this programme too!
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                Gimp help please

                I was hoping that someone out there could give me some pointers on using this program? I have done the tutorial for making png transparencies and now I am looking to learn how to do other things if anyone out here is also using this program to design and or just play around with, any help would be greaty appreciated...

                Thank you ladies and gents...
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