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My projects seem to have disappeared - can any one help?

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  • My projects seem to have disappeared - can any one help?


    When I opened up Scrapbook Max my albums/projects seemed to have disppeared. Has anyone else had that problem and is it possible to retrieve my work?

    When I click on file in the menu bar, my projects are listed but when I try to open any of them, the following message appears

    Error: couldn't load........

    Do I have to start from scratch? Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated.

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    Hi cinderfalla and welcome,
    Uninstalling and reinstalling SB Max will probably resolve the problem. Do not worry you will not lose anything by doing this. Hope fully this will 'reset' it and everything will return.
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      I lost at least 12 of mine and never knew what happened.Weird eh.
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        Please make sure you're using the latest version of the software (

        What was the last thing that you were doing when your projects were there? If there's a problem with the software itself, information like that might help us to track down the problem.

        Your projects are stored here:
        My Documents\Scrapbook MAX!\Projects

        ...If you open them from there (Double-click on the .sbm files), do they open correctly? If not, what's the *Exact* error you receive? If possible, please attach a screencapture (with the error on screen, press 'print-screen' on your keyboard (might be prt scr), open Microsoft Paint (Start > run > mspaint > ok), paste (edit > paste), save, attach) of the error.

        You could try an uninstall / reinstall, that will take care of any corrupted program files.



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          Thanks for your suggestions Desmond. I have now uninstalled and reinstalled and updated the program to the latest version but still no luck. They really have disappeared. The last thing I was doing when the projects were there was probably looking at page sets that I had downloaded (not through scrapbook max). Everything was OK at that time. Next day everything had disappeared. Sorry, I have copied the screen that appears when I open the projects folder but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to work out how to attach it to this email!


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            To attach something to your post, scroll down below the box that you type your message in. You'll find a box below called "Additional Options" . In that box, there is a button called "Manage Attachments" - click on this, and from there, a box shows up where you can browse to the location on your computer where the image you want to attach is located, and then Upload it.

            After you've uploaded your file, close that dialog box (where you uploaded your file), and submit your post.

            In the meantime, it sounds like you are not finding your projects in Scrapbook MAX!. However, if you go to My Documents > Scrapbook MAX! > Projects do you see them there?