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Downloading Booster packs or Layouts

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  • Downloading Booster packs or Layouts

    When I click on the info for the packs it all says 8 X 8. Can I change that to 12 X 12 once I have it on my computer?????


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    hi annemarie

    yes you can...

    - open the template in scrapbook max
    - go to pages settings (2nd button along on top right hand side in tool bar - looks like a page with a folded edge and pic on it)
    - go to size and go in presets 12x12 is there, click on that then ok and scrapbook max programme will resize and position everything to 12 x12

    you need to do this to each page you wish to resize

    fiona xx
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      Thanks so much - one more question

      Thanks so much for your reply. I just got the CD today and can't wait to get my photos organized.
      I'm assuming that the booster packs are made up of things that are actually in the templates because sometimes it says "Available in booster paks.". Is that correct? If so, can you just buy the template and save each of the stuff separately???