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  • Questions regarding templates/layouts

    I'm just getting started with this product and I've already ordered a couple of extra booster packs. However, I thought I saw somewhere in the "community" that people offer up their layouts at no cost. I went out to the gallery and saw many wonderful creations but I don't really understand what that is used for - other than showing off your fab. designs

    How does this typically work? I can't believe I feel so illerate when it comes to blogs/communities. You hear about them all the time but until now I've never even used one.

    Also, has anyone used their printing services? What type of finished product can I expect if I use them? My intent on purchasing this software was to create albums for each year and then have them professionally printed. Does anyone know if they bind them? Do you get the individual pages sent to you? I've read through the printing info but haven't installed or published anything yet.

    Thanks in advance for the advice/guidance.

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    The gallery is only to post your layouts. Templates that are made by the members on this forum are in the sharing corner. There is one for templates and one for embies. Also the challenges offer a lot of templates and embies. All free for the taking!