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Congrats to Angle and Omajo!!!

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  • Congrats to Angle and Omajo!!!

    Great Work you two!!! Congrats on making it into the GROOVE!!!! WTG!!!!
    Your layouts where very SPRINGY!! I loved them both!!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS Angle, Crops & Omajo

    you stars

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      Yes indeed! Congrats to Trish J. (angle), Carol E. (crops2dawn) and Johana M. (omajo) on simply STUNNING spring layouts!!

      Hats off to Carol D. (caz38) for a great interview and some breathtaking layouts.

      And WOW - have you checked out the amazing freebies from Kathleen Woolery, Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store Designer? (My favorite is the yellow flower - I wish I could sew it on my jeans pocket - so cute!! ).

      Also, a special thanks to Denise W. and Julie C. for their inspiring "shoes-ies" layouts - (what girl doesn't love shoes?).

      Don't forget to read The Groove, and of course, enter our "I Love You, Mom!" Layout Contest - I've already seen some amazing "mom" layouts in the gallery - be sure to post them!

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        Congratulations to all of you! Great work! You are all amazing!


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          CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!! You all very much deserve it!! Great LO's!!

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            Originally posted by crops2dawn View Post
            Great Work you two!!! Congrats on making it into the GROOVE!!!! WTG!!!!
            Your layouts where very SPRINGY!! I loved them both!!!!
            CONGRATULATIONS right back at you Crops !! You are a sweetie, nope ...
            I don't have you confused with someone else. LOL

            Omajo, congratulations to you too. I loved both of your layouts.


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              Congratulations to all you wonderful and talented ladies. We are really priviledged to have so much talent among us! Thank you for all your wonderful contributions.

              Go team, go!!!!


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                Congrats!!!!! Angle and Omajo!!!!!!!!

                I leave also mine here congratulations for this great work, I am astonished with pretty things that I see here, girls all, all extremely dedicated what they make, therefore they make it with much love,

                Congratulations you all!




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                  Congrats to all of you! Marvelous Work!


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                    Hot DIGGITY!!!! LET's PARTY!! GREAT JOB YOU MOUSEPAD RICH and GIFT CERTIFICATE RICH SBMer's!! SO GLAD They are putting the forum names with the real names!! I was PUZZLED!! LOL..But knew CAROL was in there!! WOWOWOWO!!! They sure are WINNERS!! YES! YES!!! YESSSSS!!!!


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                      Great job guys!!!!


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                        Fantastic! Congratulations to all in digi print, all awesome work
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                          Congratulations to Carol/Crops2dawn and Trish/Angle, I love all of your layouts, very much.
                          Without the support and kindness and generosity of all of you especially the seniors members, your works and sharings in the discussion forum are so helpfull. And of course SBM easy & fun method, I would not be runner up !!
                          Thanks oxox

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                            CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!! WOW, stunning LO's and deserving winners!!
                            Hugs to you all...

                            Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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                              Congrats girls, great LO's

                              My Buddies - pkdoll, Marion and CraftyScraps