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  • Screen Resolution........

    I keep seeing Templates that say, (Screen Resolution) what is the significance?

    I'm curious to know, what "Screen Resolution" (Small, extra small...) is best to submit layouts to Gallery? What is the difference in appearance on the screen?

    Also, what dpi is best for "Screen Reso" to submit to Gallery and still maintain a clear appearance? --

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    The "Screen resolution" page sizes just relate to different resolutions that people can set their computer monitors to. For example, 800x600, or 1024x768 (pixels).

    If you're designing layouts for printing, it's best to use the default 8x8 inches and 200 dpi.

    If you're designing layouts specifically for computer screens, though, I would recommend the Large screen size (1280x960 if I'm remembering it right).

    DPI is irrelevent for computer screens; it only matters for printing.
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      Remember when Scrapbook MAX! first came out, it included several templates that were "screen resolution" (around 755 x 560?), which was the default template size? This fits nicely on the lowest common denominator computer screen (which is usually 800 x 600). Great for sharing on the web, slideshows, video etc.

      Since many people desire to print their pages, the folks at Indigo Rose have done an excellent job "upping the stakes"... To get a better quality print, the dimensions have to be increase to get more "Dots Per Inch" onto the paper. More DPI, the better quality print. There are several threads dicussing print in this forum.

      If you look in the earlier template posts, several people (Sandy, Karin, Jessica, etc.), including myself, started designing templates at the original size( like "Hawaii" I just posted yesterday). Nothing wrong with any of these templates... They look great on a computer screen. And you can still print them! I personally export the images at the highest quality and full size, then open them in Microsoft Imaging, then print a full page from there... I have to say, even though they have been "scaled up" to fit the page, they still look pretty good. They're not quite as "crisp" like the 8" x 8" layouts, but they still look pretty good on paper...

      The dilemma between screen & print and designing templates is coming up with a happy medium everyone can use... Personally, it would take a long time to go back and redesign some of my original templates at print resolution. (I KNOW Corey's already been there...). Now when I design a template layout, it's large enough for print, because it's easier to scale it down than to scale it up...

      Sorry for the ranting!

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        This is what I'm doing

        I am resizing all my templetes to 11 x 1/2 size at 200 DPI. They're printing nice although I wished they were just a little crisper. All and All, it'g going good and I am thrilled with the finished product.

        The time I get my software, I will have all my issues figured

        You all have been the greatest!!!!!!
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          Thanks, Lorne & Steve!
          Yes, I understand......I think I can......I think I can.......
          So grateful for all the help.

          -GEEKS ROCK!!-


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            Geeks Rule! Look at Clay Aiken and George Clooney... now if I only had their money... Ummm

            The important thing I that you're getting the results you want in the end... Doesn't matter how you get there... Whatever works for you!

            Another tidbit I forgot to mention are third-party embellishments... Many are not designed for print in the first place, so when you scale then up, they gonna look a little "fuzzy" when you print... Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot you can do to fix it... a 100 x 60 decal is going to print REAL tiny!

            Same thing with photos... a 1280 x 960 photo from your digital camera has more information to work with than a 320 x 240, so it prints better... That's why you see these 5 MegaPixel consumer-level digital cameras now... Better prints! Yeah, baby!!!! Now try displaying one of those on your computer screen!
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            My buddies are Granny, Moonbeam and Wolvsie35!