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Help! Son's Graduation Movie - How to Add Music?

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  • Help! Son's Graduation Movie - How to Add Music?

    I am a newbie & am loving the ease of Scrapbook Max! All except for 1 area & I do not know what is happening.I cannot add Music to anything I have made. I have the Movie all ready for our Homeschool Support Groups High School Graduation Ceremony & want to play 3 songs as background music. When I select the files (That I know are down loaded in my computer) , a smb window opens that says "file Not Found". This happens consistently. What am I doing wrong?
    Also - can we not use mp3's? I understood the tutorial to say that the quality would be lower. Do I have to convert my files or something?

    Please help. I think I may be in over my head &I have alot of people depending on me for this.

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    Hi there!

    If you haven't already read it, I would like to refer you to our User's Guide. You can find it online at or in SBM by choosing Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide. The second-to-last section of Chapter 3 covers adding Background Music. You may find it useful.

    Also, note that music will not play in your design space, only when you publish. And SBM will certainly let you use MP3's -as for the sound quality, once you are able to add the files, I would do a "test publish", play the movie in the medium that you are planning to present in, and judge whether the quality is adequate for your purposes.

    Perhaps someone else would like to weigh in about their experience with MP3 files?

    Hope this was somewhat useful. If not, please let us know and be as specific as possible about any problems that you are experiencing so that we can get to the bottom of it.

    good luck!


    P.S. I just noticed Desmond's post below - he's created a test for you that may get to the root of the problem - hooray!


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      I just ran a quick test here that i'd like you to do:

      1. Open Scrapbook MAX!
      2. Click on 'Create new Scrapbook'
      3. Select the blank template, and name your book 'Desmond-Music-Test'
      4. Click Object > Music
      5. Click 'Add', select an MP3, click 'OK'
      6. On the 'Background Music' dialog, click OK to return to your blank scrap page
      7. Click File > Publish To > Movie, and publish it to a movie.
      8. Once complete, make sure the 'Play Movie' box is checked, and click OK / Finish

      Do you get a movie with music? At which point above do you receive an error, if any.

      Is it possible your music files have weird characters in their file names, or are in an odd location (eg on a network)? You could try copying an MP3 to the root of your C:\ drive, and rename it to 001.mp3, then try to add it.

      Please let me know how the above works for you!