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  • NSBR-DVR question

    I'm trying to think of a good anniversary present to give my dh next month & I'm considering a dvd recorder.
    Can you record & record over something? My DH uses the same vcr tape & records over a show when he's watched it. That's one thing he wondered about, whether we'd have to buy blank dvds all the time.
    Thanks, Rhoda

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but whenever I am looking to buy electronics I check out the Future Shop and Best Buy sites. They often have comparison charts that are very helpful!

    Hope that helps!


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      There are recordable and re-recordable DVD's.



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        BTW... I record on DVR's all the time to back up my files... The prices have gotten so cheap that you can buy a spindle of 100 ( yes folks, that one-hundred) for about $36.00 USD... At that price, you could be recording video for decades or handing out lots of copies to your friends...
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          The benefit to a DVD recorder is the quality will always be really good (well, as good as the original source was). WHen you record over a tape a bazillion times, you'll start to see 'artifacts' -- a little static here and there, etc.

          Regarding using the same disk over and over again -- you can use DVD-RW/DVD+RW (Whatever the recorder supports), that *should* allow you to record on the same disk multiple times.

          But as pointed out, with the price of media coming down as it is, disks can be bought, if you wait for a sale, for under $0.25/each.

          As for a good one to buy -- I don't have any suggestions because I don't use them. One thing I will suggest is to get one that is known to be compatible with cheaper disks -- that way you don't have to spend lots of $$$ on the media. You can find this out often through google -- take a brand and model number, and read what others have said on their blogs and on review sites.

          My 2 cents anyhow.