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    Still offering??

    Hi Granny - Is your offer still on the table?? About putting together a page of driving. My nephew just got his license and car and I'm putting together a calendar for my parents. I wanted to do a page of that since its such a big event in his life. I'm waiting for pics from my sister. If she sends them to me, would you be willing/able to put something together? I totally understand if you're not able...just thought I'd ask.

    Thank you! I'm still new here and learning my way around. I have no idea how to make things...I am so far behind in my pages that I can't think of learning that now. Hopefully someday...:-)

    Blessings, Gigsee


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      Gigsee... If you give me the vital statistics like colors, etc, I will try. My mom is in the hospital right now, she is about an hour from here and I drive there and back every day. But I will try to do it. I just need more info.

      Thank you for asking. I will check this post when I get home tonight!!!


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