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  • Where Are My Layouts?

    I just tried to upload a layout into the gallery, but it is no where to be found. It shows I have 2 in queue but I cannot see them. Help!

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    Hi there! Please hang in there, Amy!

    Usually, the gallery works like clockwork, but occasionally we've seen this before where it gets a bit bogged down and a members' queue will fill up. A couple of things have to be done on our end to clear it out.Unfortunately, it's the weekend and no one is in the office - Actually, I'm not at the office either right now - just checking in from home. In fact, our offices are closed on Monday for the Canada Day holiday. I will see if I can do anything for you from here, but it may take a bit of time. Will update you when I can!

    In the meantime, just to eliminate possible problems - are your layouts published at High Quality and Web/Email size (options when you publish to images in SBMAX)? Occasionally, when folks have tried to upload files that are too big, we've seen problems like this, too.

    Thanks for your post - and your patience - we'll get things up and running for you, but it may take a couple of days.



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      Thanks Karin. The first one I tried to upload was a larger file. After doing some research around here, I discovered it was too big and decreased it's size. It now is 243kb. That's okay, correct? If so, and the problem could be a SBM issue, don't worry about it! It is the weekend and my layout won't explode if it doesn't get posted today. Enjoy your holiday weekend and worry about this issue later


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        Whew! Glad you don't have the exploding style layouts -those ones are a hassle!

        The easiest way to make sure everything is the right size for posting is to choose High (Quality) and Web/Email (size) when you publish, and SBM will automatically make your layouts the perfect size for the gallery and for emailing.

        Thanks for understanding about the holiday weekend - we will certainly be checking questions/issues/concerns in the forums on Tuesday (and as you can see, we just can't pull ourselves away from the fun here, even on a weekend! ).

        By the way, Happy Canada Day to all you Canucks out there - we're 140 years young on Sunday!



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          I've cleared your upload queue, please try submitting again.

          Also, please be sure to output from sbmax as karin suggets (selecting 'web / email' as your size). Resizing large images is hard on our server, so the smaller you can get it before submission, the better!



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            Thanks Desmond. I will try this again this evening when I get home from work.