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  • boarderless prints

    Is there a way to set up a page to print with no white space / boarder showing and NOT to lose any of the page while printing?

    Every time I print directly from Scrapbook max, choosing "boardless" from the print set up dialog it cuts off the top and left side by about 1/4 inch when I print. I always look at the print preview and it looks perfect but when it actually prints parts are cut off. But it does print to the full edge of the paper.

    When I save the same page to a cd and take it to Walmart to print it comes out perfect.

    I do have an HP printer that says it will print boarderless prints. (Thats why I got it in the 1st place.)

    Please help!

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    Usually printers that do the borderless print expand the photo over the edges of the paper. I have a canon [when the thing works] and it gives me a slider option to choose the extent of the expansion.
    I believe its a printer thing ..... the only suggestion I have is to try making the page a tiny bit smaller [leaving a white border] and when its printed the border will be expended over the edge of the paper rather than the LO.
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      That was the only solution I could think of too. I just cant seem to guess how much to un-center the page. My printer cuts off on 2 sides. Is been driving me crazy all day. I have printed off a dozen pages (4x6 inch) trying to figure out the ratio. I think I will just have to resort to printing my photos at walmart.
      Thanks Jo


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        I was having the same problem with my HP printer and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I read all directions, checked all settings, printed multiple test pages and then one day when I opened a new package of photo paper there it was in HP's instructions " Will print slightly larger than software settings."

        I'm still trying to figure what "slightly larger" means to HP because I've tried adjusting the setup and still can't get a perfect 8x8 every time but must confess I haven't put forth much effort since I was almost finished with printing my scrapbook. Any suggestons are welcome.



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          One thing that you could check would be the printer calibration. Most printers now have some sort of "Printer Alginment" function that runs a small test and lets you adjust the offset. That may keep your edges from getting cut off...

          Also check the adjust of the paper feed in the tray... Sometimes there's a mechnical adjustment that can be made to that as well...

          These two items help a lot when I do labels, as the alignment has to be precise.

          When doing these things, just use the lowest quality or fast draft setting so you don't use a gallon of ink!
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            Excellent suggestions. I will give them a try. Thank you for your help.