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Seeking digital camera advice

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  • Seeking digital camera advice

    I'm in the market for a new digital camera and would appreciate your advice.

    Currently, I have a Nikon Coollpix 3100 which I like except for the long lag time between pressing the shutter and actually taking the photo. It usually end up taking a different shot from what I intended. I know that a lot of cameras do the same thing.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I hate shutter lag, too.

    I also hate the shutter lag of some digital cameras. My 'solution' was to buy a digital SLR camera. I'm a camera buff, so it was right in line with the film SLR's I used to use. The ditial SLR's have come down in price. The Nikon D50 is around $800; Canon has the Rebel XT, I think around the same price. Both may be more camera than you need, but you can set both to fully automatic so you don't need to know anything about shutter speed or f-stop. Both have virtually no shutter lag.


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      Yes, digital SLRs are great.
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        Digital Lag.

        Yeah digital slr's are nice but you dont have to buy up to that if you dont need that. although i recommend thembecause you can change the lenses out and in the long run they are my favorite... i bought my mom a fuji finepix s51000 and she can change the shutter speed by going in to the options and simply make it fast or slower depending on what she is going for... i guess before you go out already set for one type of camera just check out a couple to see what is more comfortable for you...


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          shutter speed not same as shutter lag

          I agree that you may be able to find other digital cameras that aren't SLR's that may not have much shutter lag. However, be aware that being able to change the shutter speed does not affect the shutter lag. Shutter speed is how long the lens stays open to let light into the camera, say 1/100th of a second or 1/2 of a second. Shutter lag is how long it takes for the camera to take the picture from the time you press the button. When that takes, say 1/2 of a second, that's shutter lag.

          Hope this helps. There are so many, many choices in digital cameras, it makes your head spin! I would suggest not buying anything that you haven't actually held in your hands and checked the shutter lag yourself.


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            Some digital cameras have a "burst" mode where they can shoot "x" number of pictures in "x" number of seconds, i.e. 12 pictures in 2 seconds or whatever. Not exactly what you want but it's one way the manufacturers attempt to counteract this problem. The idea being that burst mode is suitable for action photos.
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              digital camera advice

              One camera I've been considering is the Cannon PowerShot S2IS. It's fairly expensive, $400 USD, but has 12x optical zoom and a .01 lag time. Do any of you have experience with this camera?


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                Canon S2IS

                Sorry, I don't have any experience with that camera.


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                  The Canons are generally a great choice. If I were buying a new digicam tomorrow it would likely be a Canon. So, although I don't know that model, it seems to me you're on the right track. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the Canons.
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                    My nana has the powershot and its nice very nice! she likes that its really simple and the photos she has taken in vegas are amazing. ive seen alot of photos from several different digital cameras, since i work in a photo lab and a portrait studio and i would have to say canons are the best out there and they are user friendly. its also helps that their tech help is one of the best out there also very friendly people.


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                      Oop! Momadoodle, I just watched the lastest edition of DLTV, an online Tv tech show and they said the S3 is out. So you are better off to wait a week or two and get an S3. Here's the show where they discuss it:

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                        Thanks for your help

                        Corey, you're just a little late with your suggestion! I bought the Cannon last night! There are so many advanced features on it that I may never learn them all, so will be content with this model!

                        I appreciated everyone's input and look forward to taking better photos.


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                          Regarding the shutter-lag ... My digital camera is brutal for it. My solution is to frame the picture i want to take in the viewfinder (or LCD), and press the button 1/2 way down to let the camera do all it's calculations, metering, and focusing. (press and hold it while still pointing the camera at my subject/target/whatever).

                          When my camera is ready to take the picture (usually takes a second or 2), a little green light goes on in my viewfinder. Then, it's a simple matter of pressing the button down the rest of the way -- and from that point, taking the picture is instantanious.

                          So, what i do is point and ready the camera, wait, say smile, and hit the button.

                          Not great at all for action shots, but good for posed stuff.



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                            shutter lag

                            That's good advice - my daughter, who has the old camera now, has been doing that and it really helps.


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                              Digital Cameras

                              You are considering the Canon S2 which is one I also looked at. You know the S3 is out now? I would think the price on S2's would come down now. Anyway, I bought the Kodak P850 which has 12x, IS. I bought it for $450 last August when it first came out, but you can get incredible deal on it now at about $250 online! I was at a party and another woman there had it, she had just gotten it for that price at I personally don't really care for the flip-out screen on the S2, but some people swear by them. I have as my first digi cam a Nikon 4500 with the swivel body and although it didn't matter to me, some people would love Nikon to produce another swivel body, but I personally was looking for the large LCD (Canon's was smaller than my Kodak, not sure about the S3) and more traditional camera body style. I think you have to think about the features of the camera and it's ease of use in making your decision, too.