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    I would like to know if anyone has done a video slideshow and used some actual video clips in the slide show. I am working on a slide show for a thrid grade classroom. They did a concert that I would like to incorporate. My vision is to have the concert video start and then show some of the classroom scrapbook slides while the music from the concert is still playing in the background. When the class starts on the second song, I want to switch back to the video and then after the first chorus, fade into the scrapbook slideshow again. I would continue this way until all of the concert was completed. Is this possible with Scrapbook Max? I know how to get everything into my computer .... just getting it to spit it back out they way I want is a bit of a challenge.


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    A good way to do that would be to publish your scrapbook to a video, and then use some video editing software to splice it together with the video clips you want to show.

    You could even create a separate scrapbook for each "part" that you want, so you don't have to split the video into pieces. (That way you can just combine the video "parts" in whatever order using an MPEG splicing tool.)

    I haven't done any video editing in ages, but maybe someone else can suggest some free editing tools to try?
    Lorne ( )
    Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer


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      Thanks Lorne

      Posting the scrapbook to video is one of the things I love about ScrapBook Max. I have put together other Scrapbooks and published them to video, just not tried to incorporate a video into a scrapbook. Guess I have some work cut out for me!