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Help Me Write My Resignation In A Poem

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    Wow .. just read the poem. Its fantastic. Eye you are a genius for thinking up such a plan and Wolvsie you are a genius to for coming up with such a great poem.
    Sue xx

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    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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      Well I put in my retirement poem todayGuess what it did. It made my boss cry.My boss used to be my co-worker way back and we started around the same time. So we have many years as knowing each other.So it was a perfect poem in every way.Now I cannot turn back.Big step.
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        Sweet Michelle! Ya can tell your kids aren't home LOL! Love the poem and I think it's perfect for Eye's retirement! Beautiful/wonderful job GF! <<<<<huggggssss>>>>>

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          Thank you again EYE.....Sorry it made her cry...but its all good I'm sure....Glad you enjoyed it..Anytime you need something I am here for ya...<wink>
          Wiz, my kids came home yesterday....I don't think they finally shut up until was ready to get out the duct tape...But I used most of it already....hahahahaha.....You are too funny....
          Love ya...

          If anyone ever needs words written for them, let me know, I would love to help....<wink>
          Stay sweet all...xo
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            Wow, two great minds. Great poem, great peekaboo! Both you ladies have done good. I'm proud as a peacock!


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              Eye I am so happy that it was such a hit for your boss. She's crying because she is going to miss ya!!! Who wouldn't miss someone as sweet as you??!! Salutes to you both!!!!

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