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    This question is mainly directed to those of you who use ACDSee (as I do) or other photo management software. How do you organize? Do you keep kits in a folder by designer and then assign keywords/tags/categories to each of the pieces such as papers and various embellishments? Also, if you just download say a single piece of paper or a single element, do you keep that in a folder with the designer's name too and assign keywords/tags/categories. I'm at a point where I don't have too much and I want to make sure it is organized before I collect too much and it becomes overwhelming.

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    Amy, we have had many threads on this...and from what I heard, everyone does it differently...I name a folder for each designer (or website if case may be) and inside that folder, I have a separate folder for embies, papers, templates, etc...It takes some work, but I find it easier to find what I'm looking for...Whatever suits your needs in this situation...Hope this helps...<wink>
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      I was thinking about having folders for each site/designer and then putting a copy of each of the pieces of their folder in a folder labeled papers, embellishments, etc. I just thought I'd see what others do in case there is a better way one of you experts have figured out.



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        When I make up the smb files, I create a folder named Granny, so that every thing people buy from me ends up in that folder. That way, you can always tell where it came from. If you download any freebies from the forum that I have posted, you can simply save it to

        C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Gallery\Images\Embellishments\Granny


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