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Getting Married!!!!

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  • Getting Married!!!!

    Hi SBM family. I had a great vacation and came home engaged! Yes, you heard it!!!!! I am engaged! John and I plan to get married next week on July 21. We are having a small private wedding with a nice reception on Sep 1. We got our rings yesterday and will go get marriage license tomorrow or Friday. This is such a wonderful and happy time for me. I really never thought I would find love again. John and I started dating a few months ago but I had sort of kept it a secret until I was sure of where it was going. I've been single for 9 years and he has been single for almost 14. I will tell more later.

    This is a short email, as I do not have time to read all 169 posts right now. I am using my son's internet connection/computer, as mine has crashed. Should have it back up and running by Monday or Tuesday. Will plan to do a few pages from vacation and of my sweetheart and I soon.

    Love You All


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    Oh Congratulations... i am so very happy for you and wish you all the best for your future.

    Huggles for you
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      Congrats Onie! I am soooo happy for you. Just don't forget your first addiction (us) after you get married! Have a wonderful time and tell John "he is a very lucky guy"


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        Oh my goodness. Congrats!!!!! I am so happy for you. Ditto what Marion said. don't forget about us!


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          what the ----------. Holy Cow,OMG where is my nitro---just kiddin.Well you little devil you. Congradualations.Did you ever tell me about this one. Wondered why you were not on as much before ha ha.I am so happy for yah. i hope yah still can come next year for your visit.Onie take my one advise ---Do not Kill Him ha ha.Luv yah girl.
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            What a wonderful surprise. Can't wait to see your new wedding scrap pages.


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              I already mentioned it the other thread, but I am so happy for ya girl...Big congrats....Take lots of photos...<wink>
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                OMG!! Onie!! Is John that handsome friend you made a LO of earlier? You lucky devil!! He is a very lucky guy--I am so happy for you! Like the others said don't forget about us!! Wow you had more than just a happy vacation didn't you!!

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                  OMG!!!! ARE YOU PREGNANT?????? LOL Dont you think you are rushing things???? LOL You have only been with him a few months!!! Ok, ok, I know I am starting to sound like your MOM!!! LOL Well girlfriend if you are happy, I am HAPPY for you!!! CONGRATS GIRL!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!
                  I want all the juicy details!!!

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                    Way to Go!

                    Wishing you and John happiness. What a great time in your life. We will all be looking forward to seeing your future scrapbook pages.


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                      The very very best of wishes for your future happiness.


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                        Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Onie!!!!

                        Wow, that musta been some camping trip!! LOL!

                        CONGRATULATIONS, buddy!!

                        I'm soooooooooooooo happy for you and John! I thought I saw you go by on *cloud nine* today! I know you're gonna be busy with all the details this next week, but remember I'm an email away if you need me to post anything.

                        *doing the happy engagement dance with Onie*

                        Oh, wait...I guess you should do that with John.

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                          Wow, wow and wow!! So very happy for you, Onie!! May you have the happiest and most blessed marriage!!!


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                            wonderful news onie


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                              Hmmmm---I see the SBM Wedding version in your future also! Congratulations and I can't wait to see all the pictures from the wedding. Make sure you have someone taking some cause you will be busy saying vows!