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    I hate to barrage the forum so often, but I'm still fairly new to all of this!

    My questions are mostly on terminology and technique.

    As far as terminology goes, I've seen several "brush sets" around, here and there. My question is what the heck are they?? I've heard of brushes being used for PSP; is it the same thing? Should I just ignore them, seeing as how I plan to just use SBM?

    The second is related to templates--I've been having a bit of a trying time when it comes to using templates. The templates that come with the software are great--just double click, pick and you're done. But templates from other places aren't quite as idiot-proof as these are. How do I make my pictures fit my templates? I also have a problem making pictures fit embellishment frames. They're either too big or not big enough...I know I can resize them and crop them, but do i need to just play around with it to figure out what will work? And how do I fit my square pictures into round or oval or star (or any other shape besides square and rectangle) frames?

    also, i have several black frames (picked up as freebies from somewhere!), that you can change the color of. But when you add them, you can't change the color. My suspicion is that you're supposed to edit them with PSP or adobe, or something like that. How do I do it?

    and last of all! I can't seem to come up with any ideas for pages...they all seem to be variations on an image background + paper scrap + journal text + a handful of embellishments + two or three pictures in frames. My biggest problem is figuring out new and different (at least, for me) ways to display the pictures. I'm getting tired of frames. How do you find different ways to do things?

    I hope that I'm not bugging you guys! I'm just so out of my element with this. I am artistic in that I am a good writer, and I'm good with words (I've got my masters in literature, after all!), but i've always been HORRIBLE with visual art. So I'm such a beginner at all this.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Let's see what I can answer hmmm

    Brush Sets: for the most part the ones you see "for sale" in digi stores and in the credits for layouts in galleries are for use with Adobe Photoshop. Brushes are great for a lot of things but not something you NEED to make a great looking layout.

    Templates: A lot of templates you may come across are also for use with Adobe Photoshop. They are saved in a file format that allows you to pick your patterned papers, photos etc and "group" them with the layers of the templates. Quick Pages on the other had are complete layouts without the photos...they would be compared to the SBM templates.

    Wht don't you forget about putting a frame around your photos in one layout. Or use a funky grungy frame that looks like its been inked...instead of a regular frame. Just try and experiment with different things and then you will find a style you love. Also try layouts without journalling...use a small quote or have the Title say all that needs to be said.

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      The Frame Queen is what I have been called. You can use an oval picture in a square frame. You need not fit any picture in a frame. Experiment. Frames bring things to life.One needs to be different and your creative mind will take over. I remember when I first started. I never got a vote in anything I made till I went a little different----right girls.Look in gallery under eye and see what I do with frames. It may give you an idea.

      brushesI never knew what they were or what they did. They are like a stamp.Once I found that out I went crazy. I bought photoshop element 3 books to learn. It was very easy.I collected all kinds of brushes.
      My favorite is when you can erase all around a body sort of like using scissors and cutting.
      Have fun and do not be afraid to venture.
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        If you want to use a square picture in an oval frame, right click the picture, go to properties, click on custom shape, click change the shape, click on Fancy, then select an oval shape, click ok, click ok again. You will see blue handles around the image, click an drag a corner handle until the image fits correctly inside the frame.

        If you don't see an oval frame that you can use, use a circle. Once you're back on the page and you see the blue handles, right click again, go to the bottom of the window, and unselect the Keep Aspect option. Then, go to the top blue square and the right blue square on the circle, and drag up and side ways until it fits the oval.

        Clear as mud? Thought so!


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          *oops techie stuff...sneaks off*
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            wait for me Eng. Not far behind yah and I got some rootie
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              One of the best ways to get layout ideas is go browse through the galleries here and other digital sites. You'll probably really like some layouts and you can either sketch them or save them as pictures. Scrapbook magazines are another way to get ideas for layouts. The only thing is that if you copy a layout exactly you might want to give credit to the person who did it first. You just need to say "Scraplifted from ---------".

              The steps Granny gave you will help you cut your photos into shapes. The program comes with lots of shapes and the embellishment forum here has lots of free shapes to add to the collection. Any piece of paper or photo can be cropped into ovals, circles, flowers, stars, etc. It's fun to experiment.

              When you're tired of frames, you can try putting mats under the photos.

              Hope we've all helped you a little. Just play around and have fun.


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                When you drag the frame to sbm do so as a photo not embellishment.then go to elements and advanced then to adjust color play with a while and you will see how to get the color you need.
                now you wont a different get a page scrap and go to change shape there are loads of grate thing there that look grate under a photo. i like to make two different colors and use them under photos . you may not even need a mat or frame some times a photo just needs the right paper,
                i bought at the dig store a set of shapes that i put in my shape folder. get a page scrap and click on change shape you can get a set of frames that you can do that to,
                Or just drag a page over from your computer to max as a photo then do change shape on it

                hope this helps.

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                  thanks for all the great suggestions!

                  i figured out part of my problem with the templates, etc. It's called Paint Shop Pro!

                  but as for the frames/mats and picture shaping hints, i'm grateful! too bad i'm at work where i can't try any of them out. I'm just itching to get home and see what i can do!