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  • Question on Spelling Errors

    I have always wanted to know if you came across a layout in the gallery and there was some spelling errors in the journaling or title for that matter would you tell that person or just let it go. Personally I know everyone makes mistakes but would you be offended if someone said something. I truthfully would like it if someone told me, just so I could fix it before I printed it out. How does everyone else feel...Would you want to know? If you saw one would you point it out to someone? I'm just curious.

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    personally it wouldnt bother me if i was told id made a spelling mistake - if you started on my layouts you'd probably be there all day correcting them cos i know my fingers tend to type a lot faster than my brain thinks at pages are riddled with spelling mistake lol

    but some people may be offended, many members here do not have english as their first language and spelling in another language is fraught with spelling mistakes

    also there are many spelling differences from USA english to UK english ....ahhh the joys of a share language lol

    i would just leave it as some people may take offence....but if its in mine by all means tell me i love to laugh at myself

    hands up how many people have spotted the spelling mistake in one of my sale kits in the store....shhhhh evee dont tell them which one

    fiona xx

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      I personally wouldn't mind either-but I agree with Fiona with the language barrier they might get offended. NBot me if I boo-booed let me know

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        I wouldn't mind either. That being said, it would scare me to let someone know as I don't want to offend anyone. I came across one awhile ago that clearly was misspelled and not a UK/US English thing, but I just couldn't let the person know.


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          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You crack me up!!! You have a thing with spelling dontcha! LOL *getting me dictionary....nope DONTCHA ain't in the dictionary!* hahahaha
          In all seriousness, Call me on it! YOU ALWAYS DO ANYWAY!!! LOL but I would rather know before I print it out!
          Sorry Fiona I havent seen any spelling mistakes on ANY of your stuff, not that I was looking for them either, but I will keep on close eye out now! hahaha

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            I would not be offended, so if you catch one of mine, let me know. Just start of real kind and sweet, Like " I just love your layout, it is the best I have ever seen, but......your spelling stinks!"


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              Originally posted by Marion View Post
              I would not be offended, so if you catch one of mine, let me know. Just start of real kind and sweet, Like " I just love your layout, it is the best I have ever seen, but......your spelling stinks!"
              LOL Marion
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                i WOULDN'T BE OFFENDED EITHER... and NO I'm not yelling dang cap locks but I spill bed in porpose! nope, not drunk neither just wish I was LOL

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                  My 2 Cents

                  I did have a typo on a layout of my daughter........ I was glad when it was pointed out to me, so I went a fixed it before finishing the project I was working on.

                  I can see how some could be offended, especially with the language differences between us. I think if you want to tell someone, send them in a PM and first tell them everything positive about their layout. Use good tac and I think everyone is better to accept your comments.
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                    Hey Croppie, You are the only one I tell about spelling errors...but being your Sis I know you won't be offended and hey I think you caught one of mine. I don't think I'd tell anybody else. I see that most wouldn't be offended and I definitely agree that it would have to be said in a nice way...I recently saw a beautiful layout in the gallery and I can't help but to think, would that person want to know...I don't feel right about pointing it out then I get to feeling a little quilty that I didn't say something. It's kinda like if you saw someone you really didn't know with their zipper down, would you tell them?


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                      I wouldn't be offended either.
                      Sometimes I will deliberately spell a word wrong, cos its me accent. If ya know wot I mean. Teehee. But I think you will know about those.

                      If I remember correctly I did tell someone about a spelling error on one of the monthly challenges that they did, but I was sweet to start with so hopefully no offense was taken.

                      I do get teased about my spelling though in an online game I play. I'm playing on a USA server and the amount of people who comment on how I spell things is ridiculous . I'm originally from the UK for those of you who don't know.
                      Sue xx

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                        Oh, Lisa, you poor thing, are you really Crops' sister? My condolences to you lady! There, I already misspell something.

                        I agree with both Fiona and Marion. English is not my native language, and I not only have mistakes in spelling, but in grammar also. So please, feel free to correct my work, specially what I sell in the store. I think is an act of loving kindness in your part. After all, how can we grow unless we are corrected? But like Marion said, be sweet about it or I will come out and hunt you!


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                          I sure would not fact..I aged my grandmother a 100 years on a page and my friend eng pointed it out to me..I was very thankful because I was able to correct it before I printed if you see mistakes like that on my pages by all means point it out to me..but I can understand why it would make some people feel really bad or offend them to the point they didn't make any more pages..and maybe they have seen the mistake but don't know how to correct it and are too shy to ask..
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                            I just had to pop in and give my 2-cents. I can't spell! I went to school in the USA (1950's) and was taught site reading, not phonics. I would really appreciate it if you corrected my spelling. Maybe one day they will add spell check to the pages we make. That would put a smile on my face! (did I spell everything correct?)


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                              Oh heck I is a slang person. Tell me if I mispell. Sometimes what I want to write does not come out and I may say something odd. Hey maybe it was me ha ha. yah can tella me anytime .I would like to correct it if I can.
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