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  • Another newbie question

    There are so many things to take advantage of, whether it is a 'freebie' or something that I want to purchase. The question is, how do I download these and where do I put them? Thanks for your help!

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    any freebies on this site normally just open straight into the max programme,

    if you download pngs or jpegs from other sites just make a file then sub files with the designers names on them and download them, then when you want to use them in max use the heart icon to bring in any pngs using the browse button or the paperscrap icon and browse to use any jpeg papers - by keeping the designers in different files you always know who to credit

    clear as mud eh lol

    fiona xx

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      Thank you (I think). It is all a little foreign to me but I will try it out. If I need more assistance, I will be back! Thanks again!


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        Or do what i do just open sbm then the file and minimize the file with scraps and drag what you wont over that way you can keep the file open and wont have to go look for it every time.

        buddies are- angelwithin